Julbo Ultimate Sunglasses - AW22 - Black / Transparent - mens / womens - One

Julbo Ultimate Sunglasses Giving you the ultimate in protection and ergonomic comfort, the Julbo Ultimate Sunglasses are the perfect sunglasses for outdoor adventures. Designed for the ultimate freedom no matter what your sport is, the Ultimate sunglasses by Julbo will allow you to push your own limits of performance. The construction of the sunglasses is also designed for complete comfort and control. Surrounding the sides, the sunglasses use new CustomFIT temples, which deliver precise and long-lasting adjustment. This grippy surface will control the glasses, and it won't stick to hair, ensuring that it doesn't fall out of place. Paired with this, there is a Grip Tech structure that will produce a tailor-made grip whilst remaining lightweight. A fitted 3D nose will offer you further hold when you are working flat-out, or without a helmet to hold it in place. The design of the lenses is extremely wide, and as a result of this it will offer you a maximum field of vision, ensuring that you don't have any blind spots. Completing the design, the sunglasses offer full venting, as its construction allows full circulation of air in and out of the glasses. This will prevent them from fogging up as your activity begins to intensify.

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